Pre- & Postnatal Massage


The Benefits

•Massage during pregnancy can help to ease the aches and pains that naturally occur at this time, allowing you to enjoy this time rather than endure it.

•Stress is known to have a negative impact upon yourself and your baby during pregnancy, massage helps to reduce stress and anxiety and can promote restful sleep, which is often lacking.

•Gentle massage on the abdomen can help to reduce the feeling of stretching, in addition to improving your connection with your unborn baby. The elasticity of the skin is also aided by the oils used, helping to keep this skin supple and reduce the occurrence of stretch marks.

How does pregnancy massage differ from regular massage?

As it is inadvisable to receive massage while lying on the front during this time, the majority of the massage will be conducted lying on the side with cushions and towels providing support where necessary. If you are comfortable with it, a small amount of time may also be spent lying on the back. Massage of the abdomen is optional. 

The massage strokes are directed towards those muscles which suffer most during pregnancy, according to each individuals needs. Common areas of tension are the thighs, hips, and lower back.

Is there any risk to my baby?

There is no evidence that massage during pregnancy poses any risk to your baby. In fact by reducing your stress levels, you are protecting your baby. If you are concerned in any way about the risk of massage during pregnancy please feel free to contact Emma to discuss this further.

What if I have any complications during my pregnancy?

Massage is suitable for most women during pregnancy and may be adapted to suit the individual. Any complications, such as pre-eclampsia, symphisis pubis disorder (pelvic girdle instability), etc, will be taken note of during your consultation and precautions taken accordingly. If you are concerned about receiving massage please seek advise from your midwife or a healthcare professional. 

Is there any additional advice provided?

Following your massage, simple stretches will be given to help ease your specific areas of discomfort.  Additionally, Emma may, if you wish, demonstrate assisted stretches and basic massage techniques for your partner, so that you can be more comfortable between treatments.

If you are interested in a session for both yourself and your partner to learn basic massage and how to aid you in stretching please contact Emma regarding times and pricing. 

Pregnancy massage may also be combined with Aromatherapy oils suitable for use during pregnancy (at no additional cost) if this is desired.


        60 minutes   £50.00

        90 minutes   £70.00


Pre & PostNatal Massage Therapy