Abdominal/colon Massage


Abdominal/Colon Massage Therapy


Abdominal Massage works on both superficial and deep levels, releasing the muscles of the abdominal wall, and the underlying muscles of the gut. It may therefore be useful to shift stagnation (which often manifests as constipation), to release trapped wind, to increase the blood flow and therefore improve circulation to the gut, and to reduce flatulence.

What does this treatment involve?

A through consultation, discussing details of your digestive health, and diet, will precede the abdominal massage.

The abdominal massage is carried out in direct contact with the skin, using base and essential oils which are tailored to your condition.

If you are interested in a truly holistic treatment, then herbal medicine can be prescribed to address your health issues from the inside out. Please note that a 90 minute initial consultation will be required if herbal medicine is also required.

Price and length of treatment

Abdominal Massage only (60 minutes)    £55

Including Herbal Medicine Consultation (90 minutes)    £75

Herbal Medicine £3-£8 per week